Master Degree Theses

Master Theses (completed)

  • Modelli Statistici per Variabili di Conteggio: un’applicazione ai Processi di Ospedalizzazione di Pazienti affetti da Scompenso Cardiaco
    Dr. Francesca Carnevale, Master Degree in Mathematics (AA 2014/2015)
  • Statistical methods For dealing with missing data; an application to INVALSI data on students’ achievements in maths
    Dr. Gionata Rogiani, Master Degree in Mathematics (AA 2014/2015)


Master Theses (in progress)

  • Clustering techniques and community detection in Bipartite networks of patients and comorbidities in Heart Failure
    Monica Giordano. Master Theses in Mathematical Engineering (by April 2018)
  • Assessment of adherence and persistence using pharmacy administrative records
    Esther Baldini Master Theses in Mathematical Engineering (by October 2017)
  • Competing for patients: is there more than distance? Determinants of patient choice of hospital
    Davide Enrico Michelucci and Francesca Monti (by July 2017)
  • Fraud detection in hospitalizations for heart failure in the Lombardy Region
    Michela Massi (by October 2017)
  • Women choice for delivering: Insights from a Bayesian network approach
    Maria Chiara Sambusida and Giulia Merico (by December 2017)
  • Data Envelopment Analysis through Administrative Health Data: Insights from Care Provided to Heart Failure Patients
    Federico Moreschi (by December 2017)