Invited Lectures

  • 2nd EdEN Summer School on Applied Techniques “Hands-on data in education research – October 16-18th, 2017, Budapest.
    Location: Center for Economic and Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, within the new
    Research Building of Human Sciences (MTA Humán Tudományok Kutatóháza)
    Teacher: Dr. Chiara Masci

    • Machine Learning for Educational Data
    • How can machines help? A statistical introduction to Regression Trees, Random Forest and Boosting with R-lab for applications to PISA-2015 data


  • Course “Management of Emergency Care” –  2017, Pavia (IT) ,
    Organized by the Italian Society for Emergency Care (SIMEU) (Cristina)
    Location: IRCCS S. Matteo Hospital
    Dr. Cristina Mazzali
    Contents: “Methods for measuring overcrowding in Emergency Departments through administrative data


  • Premium course “Real World Data: between opportunities and challenges” for professionals – 2017, Milano (IT)
    organized with the Permanent Observatory for Digital Innovation in Healthcare
    Location: Politecnico di Milano, Milano (IT)
    Teacher: Prof. Emanuele Lettieri
    Contents: “Administrative Data for Hospital Performance Assessment”


  •  Workshop on Profiling in Healthcare – November 1st, 2016, Berlin.
    Location: Central Research Institute of Ambulatory Health Care in Germany (Zi)
    Teacher: Prof. Anna Paganoni & Dr. Francesca Ieva
    • Introduction to Profiling in Health Care
    • Advanced methods in Profiling
    • R-lab: Implementation of Profiling using