Francesca Ieva

Role in HEAD: senior researcher involved in both healthcare and education research topic

Francesca Ieva (PI) is born in Milan, Italy, in 1984. In 2008 she received the Master Degree in Mathematical Engineering and in 2012 the PhD in Mathematical Models and Methods for Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. Her PhD thesis was awarded as best PhD thesis in applied statistics from the Italian Statistical Society in 2014. She became Assistant Professor in Probability and Statistics at the Department of Mathematics of Università degli Studi di Milano. From 2016 to 2019 she has been tenured assistant professor Statistics at MOX, the modelling and scientific computing lab within the Department of Mathematics of Politecnico di Milano, where she is actually serving as associate professor of Statistics. Her research interests focus on statistical learning in biomedical context, with special attention to applications in biostatistics, pharmacoepidemiology and healthcare assessment based on public health databases. Methodologically speaking, her research is focused on nonparametric fralty Multi State Models, Multilevel models and Bayesian nonparametric hierarchical models, Healthcare assessment, Functional Data Analysis, Depth Measures and Machine Learning for Health Analytics.

MOX – Modeling and Scientific Computing, Department of Mathematics, Politecnico di Milano
phone: +39 0223994578
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