In this Section, all the scientific production of the HEAD working group is detailed.

Masci, C.; Ieva, F.; Agasisti, T.; Paganoni A.m. (2019) Evaluating class and school effects on the joint achievements in different subjects: a bivariate semi-parametric mixed-effects model. Submitted [MOX report] Fontana, L.; Masci, C.; Ieva, F.; Paganoni, A.m. (2019) Performing Learning Analytics via Generalized  Mixed-Effects Trees“. Submitted [MOX report] Massi, M., Ieva, F., Lettieri, E. […]


Spreafico, M., Ieva, F. (2019) Investigating the role of proteinuria in renal disease: a real-world clinical case study. Proceedings of the 40th Annual Conference of the International Society of Clinical Biostatistics. ISBN: 9789461652874 Ieva, F., Rea, F., Barni, S., Corrao, G. (2019) Hospital effect on 3-years-survival in patients undergone to […]


Roshanghalb, A., Mazzali, C., Lettieri, E., Paganoni, A.M. (2018) Performance Measurement in Health Care: The Case of Best/Worst Performers Through Administrative Data. In: Marc J. Epstein , Frank H. M. Verbeeten , Sally K. Widener (ed.) Performance Measurement and Management Control: The Relevance of Performance Measurement and Management Control Research […]

Books chapters

Masci, C., Paganoni, A. M., & Ieva, F. (2019). Semiparametric mixed effects models for unsupervised classification of Italian schools. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society). Gasperoni, F., Ieva, F., Paganoni, A. M., Jackson, C. H., & Sharples, L. (2018) Non-parametric frailty Cox models for hierarchical time-to-event […]

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