Francesca Gasperoni

Role in HEAD: PhD student involved in healthcare research topic.

Francesca Gasperoni was born in Rimini, Italy, in 1990. She got both a Bachelor and a Master of Science cum Laude in Mathematical Engineering from Politecnico of Milan, in 2012 and 2014 respectively. She attended the Alta Scuola Politecnica program. She worked as a business analyst intern in McKinsey & Co. for three months. In November 2015, she started the PhD program in Mathematical Models and Methods in Engineering at Politecnico of Milan. She is also a member of MOX, modelling and scientific computing laboratory. Her research interests regard statistical models for single spell and multiple spell duration data (i.e., Cox model and multi-state models). These models are widely applied in healthcare context. In particular, she considers clinical administrative databases related to heart failure patients. She is also interested in how hospitals affect patients’ outcome, and in jointly modelling clinical history and detecting hospitals clustering.
MOX-Modelling and Scientific Computing, Department of Mathematics, Politecnico di Milano
phone: +39 0223994604