Emanuele Lettieri

Role in HEAD: senior researcher of the HEAD team with focus to health and social care

Emanuele Lettieri (PI) is Associate Professor at the Department of Management, Economics, Industrial Engineering (DIG) of Politecnico di Milano. He chairs the Healthcare Management Master Course at POLIMI and is the Director of the International Part-Time MBA program at MIP POLIMI Graduate School of Business. His research interests are at the intersection among technology, management and health and social care, and deal with innovation management and performance improvement in public organizations, with an emphasis to healthcare. His current researches deal with (i) the development of evidence-based improvement strategies in public organizations through the use of administrative data; (ii) the diffusion of digital innovation in healthcare, with particular interest to digital services to citizens, Apps and wearables; (iii) the assessment and the institutionalization of technological and organizational innovations within the Health Technology Assessment discipline. His research is both qualitative and quantitative according to the different policy/research questions. He has conducted multidisciplinary researches in collaboration with Italian and foreign Universities, research centres, healthcare institutions and healthcare organizations and he has participated in applied research large-scale European projects. Finally, he is continuously involved in the education of health and social care professionals as well as pharma and biomedical companies’ workforce.
Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering, Politecnico di Milano
phone: +39 0223994077